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Treating customers fairly is central to our company culture and ethos; we believe that all our customers deserve our complete help and support, no matter the size of their business.

By adhering to the voluntary minimum standards for micro-business customers, we help to safeguard their interests when it comes to their business energy.

Here, we outline the standards we uphold for our micro-business customers.


Supplier GSoP for micro-businesses

In line with Ofgem’s obligations for electricity and gas suppliers, known as Supplier Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSoP), Energy UK & the I&C Shippers and Suppliers (ICoSS) group have outlined what micro-business customers can expect from their energy supplier in relation to these Standards.

At SEFE Energy, we’re proud to adhere to the voluntary minimum standards for micro-businesses, which include:

Making of Appointments

These Standards apply if you or your energy supplier arranges an appointment to visit your premises which requires access to the premises or for which it would be reasonable to expect the customer to be present e.g. visiting site to replace a meter.

Your supplier must offer you an appointment within a specified period of time which is:

  • During the energy supplier’s normal working hours
  • A standard four-hour appointment window for commencing the appointment
  • Not unreasonably withhold appointment windows of not less than 2 hours
  • Within a reasonable time from the request being made

Keeping of Appointments

Your energy supplier should keep to any appointment agreed with you. If your supplier makes an appointment with you, it must not rearrange that appointment less than one working day prior to the appointment unless you have given your consent to the short notice change.

Your supplier should ensure that whoever visits your property has the relevant skills and equipment to fulfil the appointment as the supplier reasonably understands it.

You can read the original document published by ICoSS here.

Common Questions Our standards for micro-businesses FAQs

Our FAQs provide answers to commonly asked questions about who we are, what we do, our products, and how we work.

Does my business qualify as a micro-business?

You will be categorised as a micro business if you fit into one of the following categories:

You use less than 293,000 kWh of gas a year
You use less than 100,000 kWh electricity a year
You have fewer than 10 employees and an annual turnover or annual balance sheet total of less than €2 million.

At SEFE Energy, we adhere to the voluntary minimum standards for micro-business customers, helping to safeguard their interests when it comes to their business energy. For more on our commitment to micro-business customers, visit our Help & Support page here.

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