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With rising energy costs and a host of other issues to deal with, we know how stressful a time it is for business owners and bill payers right now.

If you’re worried about paying your business energy bills, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve collected together the most vital information that could help to give your business the breathing room it needs.

Make sure you have a supply agreement in place

If your business recently moved into new premises supplied by SEFE Energy, or your energy contract with us has ended and you’re yet to sign a new one, you’re most likely being charged deemed or out of contract rates. These rates are generally a lot higher than standard contract rates, so you should agree to a new business energy contract with your chosen supplier as soon as you can.

You can request a new or renewal quote from SEFE Energy right here.

Send monthly meter readings

If we don't have an up-to-date meter reading for your site, your monthly bill will be based on estimated consumption, which means you may end up paying for energy that you haven’t actually used.

To ensure your bills accurately reflect your actual consumption, please send us a meter reading at the end of each month (unless there is an automated meter reading device attached to your meter). You can submit a meter reading via any of the below channels:

Understand your energy bills

Businesses will be all too aware of how even the littlest thing can make a big difference right now. If you tend to pay your bills without a second thought, then it’s well worth getting to know your energy bills inside and out.

By understanding where your money is going each month, you’ll be able to identify whether you’re being overcharged. Plus, when you can understand what each part of your bill refers to, you’ll be able to make sure you’re always paying the right amount with regards to the energy you’ve consumed.

Learn more about how to understand your bills with our detailed breakdown here

Request support from your energy supplier

If you’ve followed the above steps and you’re still worried about paying your business energy bills, we should be able to help. We’re committed to helping customers that are struggling and need support, so be sure to talk to us as soon as possible. From direct debits to payment plans, these extra measures can provide you with the time you need to make any necessary payments.

To find out what kind of support SEFE Energy can offer your business, you can get in touch with our Credit Control Team by email or phone below:

For more information on what to do if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills, you can find further insights and resources at our dedicated page here.

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I can’t afford to pay my invoice, what can I do?

Please do get in touch with us immediately on 0161 837 3396 or e-mail if you're having difficulties paying your invoices.

Our Credit Control team have lots of experience in creating payment plans for customers who need help.

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