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We recognise how stressful moving to a new business premises can be. To help you prepare and minimise disruption to your operations, we have a dedicated team ready to help you manage the change when it comes to your business energy – whether you’re moving out of a property supplied by SEFE Energy, or you’re just about to move in.

First thing’s first – we highly suggest you contact your current supplier at least 30 days in advance. You’ll remain responsible for the energy supply to the premises, including all costs associated with it, until you go through a Change of Tenancy (COT) process.


Initiating the COT process

To initiate the COT process when you’re moving in or out of a SEFE Energy supplied premises, you’ll need to complete the Moving Out or Moving In COT form.

These forms will allow us to process your final invoice, close or open your account and accurately bill you for any energy consumption and associated charges.

Please note that it could take up to 30 days to process your Change of Tenancy request, and we can only process the change if you have provided one of the following documents:

  • A solicitor’s letter confirming details of the move in or out of the property
  • A certified lease or tenancy agreement
  • A copy of your business rates from the council if you are moving in
  • A copy of your business rates final invoice from the council if you are moving out
  • A copy of Land Registry title (TR1)


Complete our Change of Tenancy Form

You can complete the moving in or out form by clicking one of the below links.

Moving In form

Moving Out form

Alternatively you can also download our Change of Tenancy form, and email it to

Common Questions Moving premises FAQs

Our FAQs provide answers to commonly asked questions about who we are, what we do, our products, and how we work.

What do I do if I’m moving premises after a smart meter is installed?

If you’re moving, please contact us at the earliest opportunity before you move on 0161 837 3392 or via email

This way we can ensure that the meters are remotely cleared of all consumption data and a final remote meter reading can be taken before the new occupier moves in.

Can I change energy supplier and still use my smart meter?

Yes, you are free to change supplier if you have a smart meter, but it would be best to check if your new supplier can support the smart metering technology before you agree to switch. You can find your meter details on the meter itself, alternatively you can take a photo on your smart phone and send it to and we’ll be able to advise you.

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