Half-hourly metering

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An overview of half-hourly metering

A half-hourly electricity meter is a special type of metering system which utilises AMR (automatic meter reading) technology to provide a more accurate electricity reading. The system relies on a fixed line which sends updated meter reads to the energy supplier every half hour.

Identified as a HH meter or “00” meter, the half-hourly meter works by taking automatic meter readings every half hour.

Benefits of half-hourly metering

Because half-hourly meters offer remote, fully-automated reading, there’s no need to read the meter manually, offering greater convenience for businesses and allowing for accurate, up-to-date billing with no need for estimation.

Additionally, businesses can access this consumption data from the supplier. By reviewing exactly when they use electricity throughout the day, it’s possible to work towards operating more efficiently and reducing operational energy use.

Criteria for using a half-hourly meter

For businesses which consume 100 kWh of electricity or greater in any half-hour period, half-hourly meter reading is compulsory. Other businesses which have a HH electricity demand of 70 kWh or above, can opt to have a HH meter installed.

If your business has recently moved to new premises and you would like to find out if the property has a HH or non-HH meter reader, it’s easy to determine which type of reader is installed by referring to a previous energy bill sent by the supplier. The bill will contain an ‘S number’ - if the number in the top left is ‘00’, there is a HH meter installed at the property.

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