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Below, you’ll find PDF versions of all our main terms and conditions, including those for FIXED and FLEXIBLE business energy contracts. All customers should review the relevant terms carefully before agreeing to sign up to any of our energy services, as there is no cooling off period for business energy purchases. 

You’ll also find information and rates on our deemed contract scheme, which may apply to both gas and electricity customers. Understanding what is meant by a deemed contract is important, and could help to save your business money.

Main terms & conditions

For business energy contracts, there is no available cooling off period for cancellations and changes, making it vital that you understand your contract fully before entering into the agreement.

General Terms & Conditions (Fixed and Flex products)

Terms and Conditions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) (Matrix Product)

Key Terms for Micro Business Customers (Non – Matrix Product)

Deemed Contract

Terms and conditions documents for our deemed contracts can be accessed below, including PDF documents for our gas and electricity deemed contract schemes.

Gas Supply Deemed Contract Scheme

Electricity Supply Deemed Contract Scheme

Deemed Contract Rates

If you have a question about any of our terms and conditions, or if you’d like to discuss a particular aspect of your energy supply with us, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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