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By submitting monthly meter readings at the end of each month we can create a bill for your energy use that’s based on your business’s actual consumption. 

If you don’t submit regular readings, we need to rely on estimated usage for your gas bill — this means you could end up paying more than you owe. It could also result in an outstanding balance to be paid if you’ve used more energy than you’ve been billed for.

Business gas Reading your business gas meter

First, you’ll need to locate your meter. Though this differs from property to property, the site manager, owner or facilities contact should be able to show you where your meters are located. Alternatively, a gas safe engineer can perform a ‘trace test’ to locate the meter.

Your business will have one of three types of gas meters, each of which is read slightly differently.

Standard (imperial) meter

On a standard meter you should record all the digits shown on the display, excluding the digits in red. It’s important to include any zeros at the beginning. In this example the meter reading is 05613.

Dial (metric) meter

Taking a reading from a dial meter can be a little tricky. You should record the number shown on each dial (from left to right) but exclude any red dials.

When the arrow is between two numbers be sure to record the lower of the two, except when the pointer is between nine and zero; in this case, use the number nine. 

When the arrow is directly on a number, look at the next dial (to the right) to confirm the reading. If the next dial is between 0 and 1 then record the number that the arrow on the dial to the left is pointing to. If the next dial is between 9 and 0, record the number that is before the one the arrow on the dial to the left is pointing to.

In this example the meter reading is 5613.

Each dial will turn in the opposite direction, so if your first dial turns clockwise, the second dial will turn anticlockwise. Be sure to remember this when recording your reading.

Digital (metric) meter

On a digital meter you should record all the digits shown on the display, excluding the digits after the decimal point. It’s important to include any zeros at the beginning too. In the example below the meter reading is 05613.

If the reading isn’t appearing on the digital screen, please press the circular button to show the reading. If the reading still doesn’t appear, the meter could have a fault. If you suspect the meter has a fault, contact your energy supplier.

On a digital meter you may have more than one rate. If this is the case, please make a note of which meter reading applies to which rate. To view all the meter readings you may need to press the setting display button at the front of the meter.

How to submit your business energy meter reading

So we can provide you with more accurate energy bills, make sure to submit your meter reading(s) to us each month, on or before the 5th. That way, we can capture your accurate energy usage in time for our next billing run.

The easiest way to provide us with your latest meter reading is to submit it online through our customer portal, My SEFE Energy. This is also where you can download invoices, helpful documents, change your contact details and much more. 

Alternatively, you can submit your meter readings to our Customer Services team directly through our online form or by emailing along with your SEFE Energy Account Number or the Meter Point Reference (MPR). You can find both of these numbers on your latest bill.

Common questions Meter readings FAQs

Our FAQs provide answers to commonly asked questions about who we are, what we do, our products, and how we work.

How can I access my consumption data online?

Your monthly invoice will always show the amount of energy you consumed in that month, and you can access a particular month’s meter data online at any time free through our customer portal, My SEFE Energy.

For customers using a smart device, you can also access up to 12 months of free smart device data at the click of a button. Just log into My SEFE Energy, select your account and site details, navigate to the ‘AMR and Smart Metering’ tab and click ‘Download report’.


How is a gas meter reading converted to kWh?

This depends on whether the gas meter is metric (i.e. measures in cubic metres) or imperial (i.e. measures in cubic feet). For a metric meter, the calculation is as follows:
(End Read – Start Read) x Calorific Value x Correction Factor*) / 3.6 = kWh

*Correction Factor is an allowance for your unique location and meter type. Your correction factor is shown on your invoice.

For an Imperial meter, the calculation is as follows:
(End Read – Start Read) x Calorific Value x Correction Factor * 2.83) / 3.6 = kWh

I would like to have a smart meter installed. How do I get one?

If you’ve already received a letter or email from SEFE Energy offering you a smart meter, all you need to do is contact us 0161 837 3392 to progress.

Alternatively, you can contact or opt-in using the link on the email you’ve been sent.

If you haven’t yet received a communication from us, you can register your interest here.

Following this, we’ll pass your details on to our smart meter providers, who will contact you to arrange an installation date.

I have a smart meter but have just received an email to provide meter readings. Why is this?

We will sometimes email you to request a meter reading, even if you have a smart meter installed. This is to ensure the meter is still working correctly and so that you’re only billed to your actual usage.

Once your account has been updated, your bill will be generated based on readings from your new smart meter.

I have a smart meter, but a meter reader has come to take a reading. Why is this?

This can sometimes occur while your account is being updated with your new smart meter information. To ensure your meter is working correctly, we also arrange check readings and/or maintenance visits to take place.

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