Supply & Billing address changes

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Supply address changes

When a gas supply is registered with SEFE Energy, the gas industry data service provider (Xoserve) provides us with the supply address that they currently hold on their database: the UK Link System. On occasion this address could be incorrect.

This address tells us where the meter and equipment is located. It’s also used for engineer site visits, to send communications, to report discrepancies – and most importantly, it’s where the gas distribution network would attend in the event of a gas emergency.

For this reason, an accurate record of the supply address is important for both the supplier and the customer. In fact, having an inaccurate address on file represents a breach of Gas Safety Regulations.

If you need to change or correct your supply address, please first check that the updated address has been validated by Royal Mail. This will ensure that Xoserve will accept the amendment and process it quicker.

Billing address changes

If you are looking to update your billing address, please request this using the below form. 

Address change request

Please note:

An address amendment is not the same as a Change of Tenancy (COT). You can find more information on the COT process here.

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