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Can somebody else sign a gas/power contract on my company's behalf?

Yes, if the person signing shows us a signed letter of authority from you - the end customer - giving them permission to sign contracts on your behalf. If you need one, you'll find a template letter of authority here.

Who can sign a new gas/power contract for my business?

If you have authority from your employer, you can sign the contract on their behalf. Note, we might have to ask for written confirmation just to check that you’re authorised to sign contracts on behalf of the organisation.

My account is in credit, how do I get a refund?

You may be eligible for a refund, please contact customers services by telephone on 0161 837 3395. Please note, we may ask for additional security information before the refund can be made to protect you and your business.

For more information on refunds, visit our Help & Support section on Refunds here.

What is the current balance on my account?

Specific questions about your account, including balance enquiries, should be directed to our Credit Control team on 0161 837 3396.

What are gas transportation charges?

Gas transportation charges are a cost calculated by Ofgem, set in relation to a price control formula, for the transportation of gas.

The distribution and transmission charges that cover the cost of transporting gas make up around 34% of your business gas bill.

For more information on gas transportation charges, visit our Help & Support page here.

What is an out of contract rate?

Out of contract rates apply when an energy contract between the customer and supplier comes to an end and no new or alternative rate is put in place. When a gas or electricity contract expires, the rates for supply revert to a default charge — otherwise known as the out of contract rate.

You can read more about out of contract rates in our Help & Support section here.

What is a deemed contract/rate?

A deemed contract is a contract imposed by law between SEFE Energy (or any other supplier) and a consumer when there is no existing contractual relationship.

This most often occurs when a new tenant moves into a property. In such circumstances, the customer is charged the deemed rate by the property’s existing gas or electricity supplier.

Deemed contract rates are generally higher than standard contract rates.

You can read more about deemed rates in our Help & Support section here.

What to do if you’re on an out of contract or deemed rate?

Out of contract and deemed rates may be more expensive than rates available under a contract. To avoid paying more than necessary, we recommend you try to move off this rate as quickly as possible. Request a quote online, and someone will be in touch soon.

What are ratchet charges?

A ratchet is a commercial penalty charge applied to any daily gas meter which, during the winter period (October to May), exceeds its agreed Daily Capacity.

For more on ratchet charges, including how to avoid them, visit our Help & Support section here.

How can I amend the address of my supply?

If you need to change or correct your supply address, please first check that the updated address has been validated by Royal Mail. This will ensure that Xoserve will accept the amendment and process it quicker.

You can amend your supply address through our form here.


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