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What's the difference between fully-fixed, pass-through and flexible purchasing?

We offer four different types of contract. Understanding their differences is key to business energy comparison. Once you know how each contract works, you'll be able to choose which one works best for your organisation.  

Basically, your energy costs are made up of two elements: the cost of your gas or electricity (also known as the commodity cost) and the standing charge.

In a fully-fixed contract, the unit cost of your gas or electricity stays the same during your contract, but your monthly bill changes depending on how much you use. The variable, then, is the unit rate times how much you use.

The standing charge, meanwhile, covers the cost of getting gas or electricity to your business. It includes third party fees such as meter operator charges, settlement charges and green levies. If you choose our True or flexible products, then you might see these charges go up or down during your contract.

So, what are the differences in our contracts? We've kept things simple for you below.

Fully-fixed - Shield 

In our fully-fixed Shield contracts, we include both unit cost and standing charge in a unit rate, which stay fixed for the length of your contract. That means the amount which you pay only changes if your energy use goes up or down.

Pass-through - True

In our pass-through True contract, your electricity or gas unit charge remains fixed, but we'll pass on all third-party price reductions to you. So, if any third-party charges related to your supply end up dropping, so will your gas bills - you'll only pay the true price of the gas your business uses.

Flexible purchasing

Built for bigger businesses, our flexible purchasing contract lets you buy your energy in chunks, monitor the energy market and select when and how much you choose to buy in advance. Perfect for staying in control of your energy costs.

Our UK-based Energy Procurement Desk (EPD) experts can help you monitor the market, so your organisation gets the most from its energy buying strategy.

Going green with SEFE Energy

Looking to reduce your business' carbon footprint? We can help. Whether you’re a new or existing customer, our greener options - from Eco Gas and renewable electricity to carbon offsetting and biodiversity contracts - can help improve your sustainability efforts. Buy them as standalone products or combine them with your existing gas or electricity supply

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