Useful documents

If you’re in need of extra help or need to fill in the appropriate documentation for any gas and electricity requirements, you’ll find what you’re looking for, here.

VAT or CCL guidance

Looking for more information on what constitutes charitable and domestic use with regards to the Climate Change Levy? Keep this handy VAT & CCL Guidance document close by whenever you need it. 

Direct Debit mandate

If you’re in the process of changing the way you pay your bills, then you’ll need to notify your bank or building society of the update. Download and fill in this Direct Debit mandate and get the wheels in motion. 

Gas billing requirements

For any business that needs to notify us of changes to their billing requirements, fill in this form and let us know of your preferences with regards to how you’d like to be billed going forward. 

VAT declaration form

For sites that claim the lower VAT rate of 5%, you’ll be required to let us know of your status. Fill in this VAT Declaration form and send it off to make sure we’re notified of your claim.

Business rates calculations

Confused about your business rates? Explore our guide on how business rates are calculated, to ensure you're paying the correct amount on your premises.

Electricity registration requirements 

For single-site businesses, keep us in the loop with any electricity billing requirements by filling in and sending off this electricity registration requirement form.

Emergency contact details form

As part of the network code, the relevant transporters require emergency contact details for all sites which consume over 25,000 therms (732,000kWh) of gas per annum. Businesses are responsible for providing this information; fill in the relevant information by downloading this form here.