Feed-in Tariff Status

SEFE Energy Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Status:

SEFE Energy is not a Mandatory or a Voluntary FIT Licensee for the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) year 1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022.

This means we are not licensed to make FIT payments to businesses that generate electricity and export it to the national grid. We are not obliged to make payments for FITs, and cannot accept applications to the Feed-in Tariffs Scheme from any of our new or existing business energy customers.

 For more information on the Feed-in Tariff (scheme), and a list of useful resources, see below.

What are Feed-in Tariffs*?

The Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) scheme is a government programme designed to promote the uptake of a range of small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies. It is available through licensed electricity suppliers. The scheme requires some suppliers to make tariff payments on both generation and export of renewable and low carbon electricity. Generation and export tariff rates are index-linked which means that they will increase or decrease with inflation.

On 15 January 2016 changes to the FIT scheme came into force following the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)’s ‘Consultation on a review of the FITs scheme’. DECC’s main changes include the introduction of deployment caps, the re-introduction of preliminary accreditation, and changes to tariffs and tariff degression. 

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