Energy Glossary

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Active Power

Refers to the rate at which power is produced or transferred using electrical energy. Active power rate is measured in kW and MW.

Agreed Capacity

Refers to the amount of electrical load supplied to a property, as agreed with the local Distribution Network Operator and specified in the energy contract.

Alternative Fuels

Refers to non-conventional fuels derived from natural gas or biomass materials. Ethanol, propane, methanol and compressed natural gas are some examples of alternative fuels.

Annual Quantity (AQ or AAQ)

The annual quantity of gas consumed measured in kilowatt hours (kWh)

Assistance for areas with high electricity distribution costs (AAHEDC)

These costs were introduced by the Government to reduce the distribution costs to consumers in the North of Scotland.

Automated meter reading (AMR)

Automatic Meter Reading, or AMR, is the term given to a system that provides automatic meter readings remotely, without the need for a physical visit. Such systems use mobile telephone technology to transfer consumption data, facilitating accurate billing for business users. Consumption is recorded every 30 minutes.

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Available Supply Capacity (ASC)

Also known as Agreed Capacity (see above), Available Supply Capacity (ASC) is the agreed electrical load of a single given property, as established by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).