Moving premises FAQs

Why do I have to complete a form?

You'll be asked to complete a COT form if you've moved, or are planning to move, in or out of a property supplied by SEFE Energy. 

If you are moving out, we need the details in the form to process your final invoice and close your account.  If you are moving in, we need the details to accurately invoice you for any gas consumption and associated charges and to ensure you have an accurate, up-to-date account.

What is a deemed contract?

A deemed contract is a contract imposed by law between SEFE Energy (or any other supplier) and a consumer when there is no existing contractual relationship. This most often occurs when a new tenant moves into a property. Deemed contract rates are generally higher than standard contract rates.

How do I cancel my deemed contract?

Under a deemed contract we are obliged to continue supplying your gas and charging you for your gas consumption and associated charges until you take one of the following actions:

  • Sign a formal supply agreement with us. You can call us on 0161 837 3390 or email to request a quote.
  • Transfer the supply to an alternative supplier
  • Arrange for the supply to the site to be disconnected. Please note that we'll have to send you a monthly bill to cover your standing charge (unless you arrange for all supply cables to be completely removed).
I'm moving out....Why should I attach a photograph of the meter?

If you send us a photograph of the meter on the day you vacate the property we'll be able to use this as evidence should any queries be raised by the new occupier in relation to invoices and payment.

What happens if my commercial supply is transferred to become a domestic residence?

If a Change of Tenancy is processed from a commercial supply to a domestic residence, the new responsible party will be placed on deemed contract rates and would need to find a domestic supplier as soon as possible.  

We are unable to offer a contract for domestic energy use. The new responsible party will be liable for all invoices produced for the period of time they are responsible for the supply. 

Please ensure whoever you are requesting for the supply to be replaced with is able to handle the responsibility of the account. SEFE Energy can only discuss accounts with the named party.