Connections and Metering FAQs

How do I get a new connection?

Should you require a new electricity or gas meter please contact us on

Electricity: subject to an accepted supply contract being in place, we will aim to have your meter installed within 20 working days. This is indicative lead-time and is subject to the size of the supply and metering you currently have at site.

Gas: as with electricity we would require a supply contract to be in place before we install your meter. Unlike electricity meters gas meter installation times can vary greatly depending on the size of your supply and metering equipment required. We use our specialist service provider and meter asset manager, Energy Assets Limited (EAL) to organise the installation. Further information about EAL is given below. They can also provide assistance with new supply requests. EAL will quote you independently of SEFE Energy for any work they undertake on your behalf.

How much does connection cost?

The connection cost will depend on the size of supply and/or meter you wish to have installed. We, or EAL, will provide a quotation for works as appropriate. Please contact our dedicated site services team on 0161 837 3371 or email us at for more information.

Who are BGlobal, Siemens and IMServ?

BGlobal, Siemens and IMServ are electricity meter asset management (MAM) partners of SEFE Energy.

We use these partners to install or set-up advanced meters (a kind of smart meter) to enable automated meter reading (AMR).

Who are Energy Assets or EAL?

Energy Assets Limited (EAL) is an accredited, gas, meter asset management partner of SEFE Energy. We use EAL to install or set-up advanced meters (a kind of smart meter) to enable automated meter reading (AMR). They can be reached on 01506 405 430. 

Why are you exchanging my gas meter?

We are exchanging all the meters in our gas portfolio so that they are up to current engineering standards and pulse enabled to meet the requirements of an advanced meter. The government has announced that all meters must be smart or advanced.

Pulse enabled means that the gas meter has the capability to transmit the consumption recorded by the meter to an automated meter reading (AMR) device which is attached to the meter through the meter’s pulse port.

Our gas meter asset management partner, Energy Assets (EAL) will send letters out to the site address by default. If you would like all meter exchanges for a certain company or site to be organised through one place we can arrange this for you. If you would like to do this, please call our Metering Team here on 0161 837 3371 and let them know where you would like to receive the correspondence.

How long will it take to complete a meter exchange?

For both gas and electricity, this depends greatly on the size of the meter and complexity of the installation.

Energy Assets will be able to provide more information at the planning of the exchange.