Raising a faulty asset query

Meter/Corrector and AMR faults can appear from time to time as technology may not always be 100% reliable. When this happens, we need to be informed as soon as possible in order to arrange for an engineer to visit and fix any issues.

Issues with the equipment may vary, it could be that the dials have stopped turning on the meter, the meter is making a strange noise, the corrector screen might be blank or it says the battery is low.  Whatever the case may be, we encourage you to raise the issue with us so we can resolve it.

If you notice the AMR reads on your invoice are not the same as on your meter, this could indicate a fault with the AMR.  To minimise these potential issues, we encourage all customers with an AMR to submit a read via the portal quarterly. You can also raise this issue by submitting a fault query form (link below) so we can get it fixed ahead of your next invoice.

Fact: If you are experiencing pressure issues or you smell gas this is classed as a Gas Emergency so you need to call The National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999. Calls are free, operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and they’ll be able to offer help and advice if you find yourself faced with a potential gas leak. 

Info: A corrector is a device for calculating, summing and determining increments of gas volume, measured by gas meter if it were operating base conditions. For this purpose, it uses as input the gas volume, measured by the gas meter and other parameters such as gas pressure, height above sea level and temperature.

Click here to raise a faulty meter / AMR / Corrector query