Climate Change Levy (CCL) — What your business should know

Climate Change Levy (CCL) is designed to encourage energy savings and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. CCL tax is imposed on all UK businesses and applies to the use of certain fuels and electricity in industry, commerce, agriculture and public administration.


Some customers are exempt from the Climate Change Levy:

  • Gas and electricity supplies that are charged at 5% VAT i.e. customers using less than 33 kWh per day for electricity or 145 kWh per day for gas.
  • Businesses using energy from renewable resources.
  • Businesses using electricity generated from renewable or qualifying CHP (combined heat and power)sources.
  • Businesses using energy in metallurgical and mineralogical processes.

If SEFE Energy supplies you with levy exempt power then you can request a certificate to use in your application for exemption by contacting our power team.

Call: 0161 833 7326


Note: No site is exempt without a certificate. CCL cannot be credited back, and will be charged until a certificate is received.


If your business is an energy intensive users (EIU) then you can qualify for a 65% reduction (50% if you are a horticultural consumer) in the CCL rate if you enter into a CCL agreement with the government.

To apply for the reduction,  you should complete a PP11 form and return it to us. You  should also complete a PP10 form and return it to HM Revenue & Customs. Both forms are available to download from

You can return your PP11 form to our customer service team by fax, email or post using the details below.


Fax: 0207 756 9789

Post: Customer Services, SEFE Energy, 5th Floor, 8 First Street, Manchester M15 4RP.

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