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How safe is a smart meter?

Smart meters are covered under UK and EU product safety legislation, which requires manufacturers to ensure that any product placed on the market is safe.

Public Health England provides advice and information on the health implications of smart meters, as it does for a range of technologies commonly found in homes and businesses across the UK. Further information about smart meters and health can be found on the Public Health England website.

Is my smart meter data secure?

We’re committed to keeping customer information secure so that all of your data is fully protected.

Your information is only accessed when necessary, by those who need to see it and to provide you with the services you have asked for. Further to this, all our staff members are trained on data protection and follow strict data protection guidelines.

How accurate are smart meter readings?

Smart meters send meter readings to your energy supplier each month, your bills are therefore calculated using your actual meter readings instead of an estimate. We will sometimes email you to request a meter reading, even if you have a smart meter installed. This is to ensure the meter reading we receive can be checked to ensure they remain accurate so that you’re only billed to your actual usage.

What do we do with your smart meter readings?

Smart meter readings are the most up-to-date and accurate way to capture energy usage on a regular basis, without relying on time-consuming manual reads. We use this data to calculate your monthly energy bills so we can ensure you’re being charged based on your actual energy usage. Your data is secure with us – our team is trained in data protection, and we do not sell consumption data to third parties for any reason. Only you, or an individual nominated by you directly, will have access to this data through our online portal.

Will I receive an in-home display unit with a smart meter installation?

Unfortunately, an in-home display option isn’t provided for business energy customers.

How long does it take to transfer my supply to SEFE Energy?

Generally, it takes a minimum of 15 days. Once you've signed your energy supply agreement with SEFE Energy, and ended your supply agreement with your current supplier, we’ll ask you to complete a registration form to start the transfer process.

If you want to chat to us about timescales, call our friendly SEFE Energy Transfers team on 0161 814 9896.

Once I’ve signed a contract, when will SEFE Energy apply for my transfer?

If you’ve agreed your contract early with us, we can start the transfer process before your contract start date:

  • Gas: up to 6 weeks before your contract start date
  • Electricity: up 4 weeks before your contract start date

To make sure we have plenty of time to resolve any objections, we like to apply for transfers as early as possible.

Can I do anything to help transfer my supply to SEFE Energy?

The main thing you need to do is end your existing contract with your current energy supplier. We're happy to assist and provide guidance on this, but we're not able to take care of the entire process for you.

We’ll send your Welcome Pack when we’ve successfully transferred you. Inside, you’ll find plenty of useful info and insights, from advice on accessing your account to handy contact information.

Is there a cooling off period for business energy contracts?

Unfortunately, there isn't any cooling off period with business energy contracts. We'd recommend reading our terms and conditions carefully before you sign up with us, as it's not possible to cancel your contract within a specific timeframe.

Could I lose my energy supply when switching?

No, your current energy provider carries on supplying your gas and electricity until we've successfully switched you over.

Can anything delay my transfer?

Sometimes your existing business energy supplier won’t let you switch to another supplier, which can lead to delays in your transfer. This is usually because:

  • There are outstanding payments with your existing supplier
  • You tried to switch supplier before the contract end date of your current agreement

If your current supplier objects to switching your energy supply to us, they have to tell you as soon as possible so you can fix the issue and carry on with your transfer.

Sometimes we get problems at our end in the form of an industry registration rejection that stops us setting up an account. But don’t worry, we’ll contact your broker to fix the issue if it occurs.

What do I do if my current supplier objects to my transfer to SEFE Energy?

Contact your existing energy supplier and ask them to explain what the issue is. Once the objection has been resolved, let us know what’s happening so we can get the next phase of the switching process up and running for you. You can email our friendly team or call 0161 837 3395.

If you’re struggling to resolve the issue with your existing supplier, we’ll try to help in any way we can. If you’re switching to us through an independent energy broker or consultant, they can also provide assistance, too.

If you don’t end up resolving the objection and we don’t get an update on the issue, we’ll automatically re-apply for your transfer on the next available transfer date. Please update us, so we can schedule your transfer for the appropriate date.

Can somebody else sign a gas/power contract on my company's behalf?

Yes, if the person signing shows us a signed letter of authority from you - the end customer - giving them permission to sign contracts on your behalf. If you need one, you'll find a template letter of authority here.

Who can sign a new gas/power contract for my business?

If you have authority from your employer, you can sign the contract on their behalf. Note, we might have to ask for written confirmation just to check that you’re authorised to sign contracts on behalf of the organisation.

What size organisations do you supply?

SEFE Energy is no longer providing new contracts for customers whose gas or electricity consumption is below 100,000 kWh.

We will, of course, continue to supply energy for existing customers coming up for renewal until they switch to a new supplier. But please take note that this will be on our Out of Contract rates, which may be more expensive than rates available under contract. We’d always recommend moving off this rate as quickly as possible.

More details on our Out of Contract Rates can be found here.

Does my business qualify as a micro-business?

You will be categorised as a micro business if you fit into one of the following categories:

You use less than 293,000 kWh of gas a year
You use less than 100,000 kWh electricity a year
You have fewer than 10 employees and an annual turnover or annual balance sheet total of less than €2 million.

At SEFE Energy, we adhere to the voluntary minimum standards for micro-business customers, helping to safeguard their interests when it comes to their business energy. For more on our commitment to micro-business customers, visit our Help & Support page here.

Can you supply my home energy?

Sadly not. We only provide business energy products and services to the non-domestic energy market.

Will my smart meter still work when I transfer to SEFE Energy?

If you have a first-generation smart meter, also known as a SMETS1 meter, it will carry on recording your energy use, but it might not send us your data. This will continue until The Data Communication Company (DCC) migrates your Smart meter, which can take several weeks.

How do I know if my supply has transferred?

Should there be any problems, you’ll hear from your existing supplier. If you haven’t heard anything back, then we’ve successfully transferred you. If you want to confirm this, then email or call our friendly team.                           

We'll also send you a welcome pack from our Customer Service Team, confirming that the transfer has gone through.

Gas: or 0161 837 3395
Electricity: or 0161 837 3395

Can a VAT reduction be back-dated?

If the site is still live with SEFE Energy, we can back-date amendments to VAT charges up to four years. If the site is no longer supplied by SEFE Energy, then we are unable to amend this.

How do I calculate the qualifying percentage for reduced VAT?

The qualifying percentage is the amount of your usage that qualifies for reduced VAT. This is the split between the domestic or charitable non-business use and the business (including charitable business) use on the site. For more personalised advice on how to calculate this percentage, please contact HMRC directly on 0300 123 1073.

If I have more than one site that qualifies for VAT reduction, can I submit them on the same form?

We can accept forms with more than one qualifying MPRN if the company name and ‘Details of Your Claim’ section is the same for all sites. If the sites have a different qualifying percentage, classification of claim or reason for claim then we require separate forms.

We can accept them on the same form if they have different site addresses, but the addresses must be supplied for each MPRN. This can be added as an appendix to the form.

I don’t have an exemption, but I’m being invoiced at 5% VAT. Is this right?

In cases where we haven’t received a VAT declaration form, VAT is calculated based on the amount of consumption. For more information regarding this, please see our section on De Minimis.

My meter supplies a charitable organisation, but my VAT declaration has been rejected. Why is this?

If your company has charitable status but your application for reduced VAT has been rejected, it may be due to activities on the site falling under the category of charitable business use.

Only charitable non-business use qualifies for reduced VAT. If you would like more information on the distinction between the two, please refer to our guidance sheet. If there is both charitable business and charitable non-business use at the site, you will need to calculate the split between them for the qualifying percentage.

My contract is renewing soon, will I need to send a new VAT declaration form?

If none of the details on your contract have changed then you will not need to submit a new form. If there have even been slight changes, such as to the contracted company name, you will need to re-submit as we need the details on the form to match the details on the contract.

Why am I being charged at 20% now, when I was charged the reduced rate by my previous supplier?

If you are entitled to the reduced rate for charitable non-business or domestic use reasons, this is not transferred and you will need to declare this to your new supplier. We have a VAT declaration form that we require customers to complete to ensure we have all the information we need. Please complete this and send to

If you are not eligible for the reduced rate as per the above, changes to your VAT rate can mostly likely be attributed to changes in consumption. For more information regarding this, please see our section on De Minimis.

How can I pay my invoice?

Paying your SEFE Energy invoice is simple and straightforward. It can be done either by Direct Debit, BACS or a one-time debit or credit card payment.

Paying your business energy bills by Direct Debit takes the hassle out of monthly payments and means you’re less likely to miss a payment. We always recommend this as the best option to manage your business gas and electricity bills.

You can find more information on Direct Debits and how to pay your bills on our Help & Support page here.

How do I set up a new Direct Debit?

To set up a new Direct Debit, simply print and complete a Direct Debit mandate form and return it to us. All Direct Debit transactions are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Fax: 0207 756 9789
Post: SEFE Energy, 5th Floor, 8 First Street, Manchester, M15 4RP

For more on Direct Debits, visit our Help & Support page here.

What do I do if my bill has been under or over-estimated?

We often receive queries around estimated invoices where we estimate a customer bill based on the annual National Grid usage report. Customers can avoid estimated bills and manage energy payments by submitting a monthly meter reading. If you believe that your bill has been either under or over-estimated please provide a current meter reading via one of the methods described below and we will arrange to send you a corrected bill.

Online: My SEFE Energy
Telephone: 0161 837 3395
Text: 07860 020155

My account is in credit, how do I get a refund?

You may be eligible for a refund, please contact customers services by telephone on 0161 837 3395. Please note, we may ask for additional security information before the refund can be made to protect you and your business.

For more information on refunds, visit our Help & Support section on Refunds here.

What is the current balance on my account?

Specific questions about your account, including balance enquiries, should be directed to our Credit Control team on 0161 837 3396.

What are gas transportation charges?

Gas transportation charges are a cost calculated by Ofgem, set in relation to a price control formula, for the transportation of gas.

The distribution and transmission charges that cover the cost of transporting gas make up around 34% of your business gas bill.

For more information on gas transportation charges, visit our Help & Support page here.

What is an out of contract rate?

Out of contract rates apply when an energy contract between the customer and supplier comes to an end and no new or alternative rate is put in place. When a gas or electricity contract expires, the rates for supply revert to a default charge — otherwise known as the out of contract rate.

You can read more about out of contract rates in our Help & Support section here.

What is a deemed contract/rate?

A deemed contract is a contract imposed by law between SEFE Energy (or any other supplier) and a consumer when there is no existing contractual relationship.

This most often occurs when a new tenant moves into a property. In such circumstances, the customer is charged the deemed rate by the property’s existing gas or electricity supplier.

Deemed contract rates are generally higher than standard contract rates.

You can read more about deemed rates in our Help & Support section here.

Do I need to pay my gas bill when my account is going to be reconciled in the next invoice?

Making regular payments against your account will keep your payment history up to date. If your account requires reconciliation in order to bring it up to date, any previous payments will be taken into account when producing the up-to-date invoice.

An adjustment to your overall balance will then take place when the reconciliation invoice is produced. If this results in a credit on your account then this can be claimed or be used against future invoices.

I can’t afford to pay my invoice, what can I do?

Please do get in touch with us immediately on 0161 837 3396 or e-mail if you're having difficulties paying your invoices.

Our Credit Control team have lots of experience in creating payment plans for customers who need help.

I have an AMR / smart meter fitted. Why is my gas / electricity being billed to estimations?

Now that you have a smart device fitted to your meter, we should receive actual readings from the meter at the end of each month. These are then used to calculate your monthly invoices.

In some instances, we may still need to use estimations. Such as:

  • Very occasionally it is not possible to make contact with the meter and obtain a read, typically due to mobile network signal problems. To minimise this issue, please also make sure that you move any items that may block the signal from the meter. In the meantime, you’ll be able to give us your meter readings online to ensure accurate billing via the My SEFE Energy portal. To avoid delays to your invoices, SEFE Energy will produce an invoice based on an estimated read in this instance. We will then work with our metering partners to confirm that the issue preventing contact with the meter has been resolved so we can collect actual reads in future.

  • When a bill has been created before or around the time your meter was installed, it will show an estimate. Once our system fully updates with your new smart meter details, all future bills will be based on accurate readings.
Why does our invoice show 5% VAT when normally we have to pay the full commercial rate?

If the energy consumption shown on your invoice is less than 4,397 kWh gas / 1,000 kWh electricity per month (around 145 kWh gas / 33 kWh electricity per day), then this falls under the 'De Minimis' principle set by HM Revenue & Customs, and is only liable for 5% VAT and no CCL.

This limit applies whether the bill is based on an actual meter reading or an estimate.

Do I pay CCL charges if I am VAT exempt?

If you are exempt on VAT because you qualify for domestic rates or are a charitable organisation, then no CCL will be charged.

See our exemption guidance notes or visit the GOV.UK page on environmental taxes, reliefs and schemes for businesses for more details.

For more information on VAT, visit our Help & Support section here.

How do I claim my CCL exemption?

Some customers are entitled to full/partial relief from the CCL charge. If you hold a valid exemption from this charge, SEFE Energy will apply this to your account.

If this has not been applied to your account, please submit a copy of your valid certificate to and we will update your account to reflect your exemption. Your account will then be reconciled within the next invoice.

You can find supporting documents on the Government’s website here:

Read more about CCL exemptions here.

How do I claim my VAT reduction?

Some customers are entitled to full/partial relief from the VAT charge. If you hold a valid exemption from this charge, SEFE Energy will apply this to your account.

Information on applying for a VAT reduction/exemption due to domestic or charitable non-business activities can be found here.

If the consumption falls below the De Minimis level, this is considered as domestic use by HMRC regardless of the actual use and will be charged at 5%. In these instances, consumption is calculated based on meter reads and the VAT will be calculated from this, so you will not need to provide any supporting evidence.

Read more about De Minimis VAT rates here.

What are the current Climate Change Levy (CCL) Rates?

The latest CCL rates can be found on our CCL Help & Support page here.

How can I access my consumption data online?

Your monthly invoice will always show the amount of energy you consumed in that month, and you can access a particular month’s meter data online at any time free through our customer portal, My SEFE Energy.

For customers using a smart device, you can also access up to 12 months of free smart device data at the click of a button. Just log into My SEFE Energy, select your account and site details, navigate to the ‘AMR and Smart Metering’ tab and click ‘Download report’.


How can I access my invoices online?

Your monthly invoices are available to view through our online customer portal, My SEFE Energy. Just log in on your device and navigate to ‘Invoicing’.

How are my bills calculated?

Each month, we look at the meter read from your last bill and your most recent one and subtract one from the other.

For electricity, this is how we determine your monthly kilowatt hours (kWh) used.

For gas we then use that number to convert those reads into actual gas used, using a formula to give us the exact amount of kilowatt hours (kWh) you have used.

The kWh amounts are then multiplied by the price of energy agreed on your contract to give us the cost of your energy usage that month.

Our helpful guide will break down all these costs for you and any other fields on your energy bills you would like to know more about.

How is a gas meter reading converted to kWh?

This depends on whether the gas meter is metric (i.e. measures in cubic metres) or imperial (i.e. measures in cubic feet). For a metric meter, the calculation is as follows:
(End Read – Start Read) x Calorific Value x Correction Factor*) / 3.6 = kWh

*Correction Factor is an allowance for your unique location and meter type. Your correction factor is shown on your invoice.

For an Imperial meter, the calculation is as follows:
(End Read – Start Read) x Calorific Value x Correction Factor * 2.83) / 3.6 = kWh

I would like to have a smart meter installed. How do I get one?

If you’ve already received a letter or email from SEFE Energy offering you a smart meter, all you need to do is contact us 0161 837 3392 to progress.

Alternatively, you can contact or opt-in using the link on the email you’ve been sent.

If you haven’t yet received a communication from us, you can register your interest here.

Following this, we’ll pass your details on to our smart meter providers, who will contact you to arrange an installation date.

I have an appointment to have a Smart Meter installed. How do I change it?

If you need to change your smart meter installation appointment, please contact us on 0161 837 3392 or email, and we’ll arrange a new installation date with our smart meter provider.

Do I need to have both gas and electricity supplied by SEFE Energy to have a smart meter?

The electricity meter is the primary meter on a dual fuel installation. This requires both meters to be within approximately five meters (16 feet) of each other. If this isn’t possible, additional costs could be incurred.

For sites where SEFE Energy only supplies gas, we may be dependent on your electricity supplier to install an electricity smart meter prior to us being able to install the gas smart meter.

What do I do if I think I have been a victim of a phishing attempt from someone impersonating SEFE Energy?

Please contact us immediately here, sharing the details or attachment of the phishing attempt. We will then investigate this and confirm whether it is a legitimate correspondence or phishing attempt and support you with any next steps as needed.

I’ve been told I can’t get a smart meter at the moment. Why is that?

There are various reasons why we may not be able to install a meter at your property, for example there may be an issue with an existing meter.

We’re installing smart meters for microbusinesses as a priority, which may also be why we’re currently unable to fit a smart meter at your premises.

You will qualify as a micro-business if:

  • You use less than 293,000 kWh of gas a year
  • You use less than 100,000 kWh electricity a year
  • You have fewer than 10 employees and an annual turnover or annual balance sheet total of less than €2 million.

There are some meters that aren’t eligible for an upgrade to a smart meter just yet. However, where we can’t fit a smart meter, we may be able to offer the installation of an AMR device.

What is an AMR?

An Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device takes meter readings and automatically sends us the data. We then use this data to calculate your bills based on your actual use. They’re similar to smart meters you’d find in your home or in a small business, except they don’t have a visual display. They are most frequently used for large businesses with high energy consumption.

Read more about Smart Meters & AMRs here.

How can I report a suspicious email or call from SEFE Energy?

We take any attempts like this very seriously. If you receive any email, telephone or SMS communications from SEFE Energy that you feel are suspicious, please report it so we can log and investigate this.

You can contact us here.

Will I be charged for a smart metering fault resolution?

Normally, you won’t be charged. There may be charges applied if the meter has been damaged by you or a third party in accordance with your general terms and conditions. If there’s an issue with your smart meter, please contact us on 0161 837 3380 or email us at

We can then investigate any issues and resolve them for you as soon as possible.

Will I be charged for a smart meter?

The installation of your smart meter is normally free, although there may be some additional costs. We’ll let you know prior to the installation if a cost may apply. Our installers will let you know of any additional costs before fitting the meter so you can decide whether you’re happy to proceed.

With your existing meter, you currently pay a very small maintenance charge which is built into your bill. This will be the same for your smart meter.

I have a smart meter but have just received an email to provide meter readings. Why is this?

We will sometimes email you to request a meter reading, even if you have a smart meter installed. This is to ensure the meter is still working correctly and so that you’re only billed to your actual usage.

Once your account has been updated, your bill will be generated based on readings from your new smart meter.

I have a smart meter, but a meter reader has come to take a reading. Why is this?

This can sometimes occur while your account is being updated with your new smart meter information. To ensure your meter is working correctly, we also arrange check readings and/or maintenance visits to take place.

What do I do if I’m moving premises after a smart meter is installed?

If you’re moving, please contact us at the earliest opportunity before you move on 0161 837 3392 or via email

This way we can ensure that the meters are remotely cleared of all consumption data and a final remote meter reading can be taken before the new occupier moves in.

Do I need to have an internet connection for the smart meter to work?

No, you don’t require an internet connection for a smart meter to work. Depending on your location, the smart meter will communicate by using existing mobile or radio signals currently in your area.

Do I need to have a smart meter installed?

There is no legal obligation to have a smart meter installed.

However, SEFE Energy is supportive of the Government programme and we’re aiming to install smart meters for our eligible microbusiness customers so that they get the benefits of a smart meter.

If you’d like to read more about this please visit:

Where will my new smart meter be installed?

Typically, it will be installed in the current location of your gas and electricity meters.

It would be helpful if you could send a picture of the meter location to to make us aware of any potential issues during installation.

A standard installation can take up to one hour per meter, you’ll be without gas and electricity during this time. The engineers completing the exchange will let you know how long each supply will be switched off for.

Can I change energy supplier and still use my smart meter?

Yes, you are free to change supplier if you have a smart meter, but it would be best to check if your new supplier can support the smart metering technology before you agree to switch. You can find your meter details on the meter itself, alternatively you can take a photo on your smart phone and send it to and we’ll be able to advise you.

How can I provide a meter reading?

So we can provide you with more accurate energy bills, make sure to submit your meter reading(s) to us each month, on or before the 5th. That way, we can capture your accurate energy usage in time for our next billing run.

The easiest way to provide us with your latest meter reading is to submit it online through our customer portal, My SEFE Energy. This is also where you can download invoices, helpful documents, change your contact details and much more. 

Alternatively, you can get submit your meter readings to our Customer Services team directly, by emailing along with your SEFE Energy Account Number or the Meter Point Reference (MPR). You can find both of these numbers on your latest bill.

You can find more information about meter readings in our Help & Support section here.

How can I submit an opening read at the start of my contract with SEFE Energy?

A gas opening meter reading is important for a few different reasons. Not only does it provide us with a start point, but by getting things right now, we’ll avoid potential issues in the future. Your opening read needs to be submitted up to 10 working days after your supply goes live.

If you have a smart meter or Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device, you should still provide an opening read. Opening reads can be provided through the My SEFE Energy online portal or via the AMR Team at

If we don’t obtain an opening read, we’ll use an Industry Estimated Read (MBR) instead, which could cause issues with your invoices and possibly result in a Shipper Agreed Read (SAR) dispute with your previous supplier. If you have any queries regarding your opening meter read, then you can get in touch with us at: or through our online contact form here.

Am I eligible for a smart device?

Gas customers:

All of our gas customers are eligible for free smart device, either a smart meter or, for large businesses, an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device.

Interested? You can request this by contacting us on 0161 837 3371 or emailing

Small businesses can opt in to receive a smart meter here.

Electricity customers:

All our non-half-hourly electricity customers are eligible to receive an AMR.

Half-hourly metering for larger sites is also automated. Any site that is currently read by someone visiting the meter can request a free AMR device by calling 0161 837 3392 or emailing

How long does it take for AMR to be installed or enabled once it has been requested?

For gas, installation timescales for AMR devices can vary. Installation is subject to either SEFE Energy or our partners being able to schedule a suitable date to carry out the work.

A data logger is plugged into an external port on the meter so there is no need to disconnect the gas supply. Generally, installation takes around 20 minutes with minimal disruption to the site.

For electricity, your full meter must be exchanged, so it takes a little longer. We aim to complete installation within 3 months of you starting with us.

You may experience a brief loss of power depending on the type of supply you have. But don’t fret, this usually lasts no longer than an hour.

What happens if there is a problem with smart meter or AMR reads or data?

Once smart device technology has been installed, we’ll sometimes encounter issues with the read or its collection. Your invoice may then be based upon an estimate rather than an actual read. We monitor any such issues and look to resolve them as soon as possible.

If you believe the read we have collected and used to create your invoice is inaccurate please contact us and we’ll get to the bottom of things and inform you of any issues.

Gas customers: You can find more details on how to report a faulty meter or smart device here.

Electricity customers: To report an issue with your electricity meter, call us on 0161 837 3392 or email

What is day and night meter reading?

If you have a 2-rate meter, also known as Economy 7, then you can view your energy usage through the day and night.

Which number is which can often vary from meter to meter. To help you distinguish one from the other, your meter might have these identifiers on the meter itself or it may say Normal or N (day) or Low or L (night) next to the readings. 

Other meters may only display day readings during the day and vice versa with night readings. Further still, the readings may also be listed as Rate 1 and Rate 2, or Rate 1 and Rate 4.

However this is marked on your meter, read each row from left to right, including any zeroes, and make sure to ignore any numbers after the decimal point or in red.

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