Gazprom Energy is now SEFE Energy

01 August 2022

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Gazprom Energy is now SEFE Energy

We are pleased to announce that Gazprom Energy is now SEFE Energy. We are part of the newly named SEFE Group – led by SEFE Securing Energy for Europe GmbH (SEFE GmbH) in Berlin.

Our company name, previously Gazprom Marketing & Trading Retail Limited, has changed to SEFE Energy Limited and our London-based parent company is now SEFE Marketing & Trading Limited.

The SEFE name shows how our group of companies is being repositioned and illustrates the new role of the SEFE Group in securing energy supply in Europe. The renaming further demonstrates SEFE Group’s goal to play a long-term role in the market.

The impact on SEFE Energy’s customers, vendors, suppliers and partners is minimal to none. Please look at this information page for further information about what this change means for you.

Our passion for excellent customer service has never changed and our expertise will continue to grow under the leadership of the SEFE GmbH’s new Managing Director, Dr. Egbert Laege, who was appointed Chairman of SEFE Energy Limited’s Board of Directors in July.

Dr. Laege has already accomplished his first major objective of ensuring the enduring financial stability of the SEFE Group by obtaining a loan of EUR9.8 billion from Germany's investment and development bank, KfW. On the same day (14 June 2022) the German Federal Government announced it would extend its trusteeship over SEFE Group in the long-term and made clear its intention to convert the KfW loan into equity.

Julian Denée, SEFE Energy’s CEO, comments; “This significant change is a very welcome step forward for everyone at SEFE Energy. We are entering a new chapter; one we are all very excited about. Our customers and their changing needs continue to be our priority and we feel very optimistic and confident about our future.”

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