Our next chapter: SEFE Energy and WINGAS united

07 June 2024

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Our next chapter: SEFE Energy and WINGAS united


In 2022, SEFE Energy UK became part of SEFE Securing Energy for Europe – an integrated midstream energy company, owned by the German government. Together with SEFE Energy France, SEFE Energy Netherlands and WINGAS – another part of the Sales organisation that has a significant presence in Europe – we form the sales arm of SEFE.

We are now pleased to announce that we’ve taken a significant step forward in our journey to becoming one united SEFE Sales business across Europe. WINGAS GmbH has now been renamed to become SEFE Energy GmbH. This brings all of SEFE’s sales organisations together under one common identity.


Starting our next chapter

Separately, SEFE Energy and WINGAS have been leaders within their respective energy markets. By combining our sales capabilities and knowledge, we can now offer a more consistent and efficient experience for customers, from small businesses to some of Europe’s largest multi-national organisations. Together, we can provide a more holistic offering to help our customers achieve their strategic energy goals – whether that’s efficiency, simplicity, sustainability or security of supply.

This change indicates we are entering a new chapter, one we are all very excited about. As a united presence in the European energy supply market, we can better help our customers achieve their energy goals, while supporting SEFE’s ultimate ambition: to secure energy for Europe and drive the green energy transformation.

This significant change is a very welcome step forward for everyone at SEFE. As we move into this new phase of development and transformation, we do so with a sense of excitement and optimism.

We are incredibly proud of where we have come from – but we are equally as proud of where we are heading, and of our role in supporting SEFE to drive Europe’s green energy transformation. Together as an aligned and integrated SEFE Sales organisation we can offer even better support for our customers, offering a full range of energy services to meet their strategic energy goals.
SEFE CSO, Matthias Peter

There will be no major changes for existing SEFE Energy customers. We continue to operate as before, and you can reach us through our regular channels.

For more information on the specific changes for WINGAS (now SEFE Energy GmbH), you can visit their website here

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