Investing in our People - Our Gold Investors in People award

14 February 2022

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Investing in our People - Our Gold Investors in People award

SEFE Energy is among just 16% of companies to receive Gold Investors in People accreditation

At SEFE Energy, we love nothing more than seeing our people succeed. And to give them the tools, knowledge and environment to do so, we recognise the need for us to continuously improve our people practices and benchmark against the best. After all, our people are what makes us ‘us’!

We’re delighted to announce that our efforts have once again been recognised by the prestigious standard for people management. Investors in People exists to make work better and accredits organisations with one of four gradings – Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum. They use a framework made up of nine parts to assess how organisations lead, support and improve their people.

In December, following a two-month process, we found out we have been re-accredited at Gold standard for 2022-2024.

As part of the accreditation process, all colleagues were invited to take part in an online survey. SEFE Energy also supplied a portfolio of evidence and data showing how we are meeting the criteria and we had an assessor from Investors in People carry out 1:1 interviews with a cross-section of our colleagues to gather qualitative feedback on life here too.

“We were thrilled to be re-accredited at Gold standard,” commented Senior HR Business Partner, Pamela Shoesmith. “Our people are our biggest asset, so for us to be specifically recognised for the work we do to lead, support and improve people, is a huge privilege. The assessment is the culmination of three years of continuing to improve and mature an organisational development framework that will help SEFE Energy deliver great business and customer results via its people in a sustainable way, now and in the future.

"I’m thrilled to say that this time we’ve increased our assessment results to reach Gold in all areas and exceeded expectations in being assessed at the Platinum level in four of the nine areas. It’s an indicator we are on the right track and has provided some really good insight into the things we’re doing well and where we can improve to make GE even better for our people.”

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