Energy information

Giving you the news, insights and information you need to make smart business energy decisions.

We know the more insight we give you about our products and the energy market, the better decisions you can make. And that’s a good thing for your business long term.

We’re here as your expert energy partner, a source of information about the gas and electricity markets you can trust, and tap into whenever you need it.

  • On a flexible business energy contract? We’ll give you the market price forecasting information you need to make smart decisions about how much energy to buy – and the best time to buy it.
  • Looking for lower carbon energy options? We’ll talk you through our renewables and carbon offsetting certificates and how they can help you achieve your carbon goals.
  • Need in-depth energy knowledge to make strategic business decisions? We’re here to help with reports and insights into the gas and electricity industry.
  • Struggling to keep up with regulatory information? We’ll keep you informed with up-to-date legislation and policy decisions and how they impact your business.

Our team are experts in helping businesses manage their energy strategy and we’re here to help.