If you’re looking for a business gas supplier you can trust, we’re here to help. Our gas shipping licence lets us sell gas to other UK gas suppliers.

“Operating in the UK gas market can be very challenging for a small independent supplier.  The flexibility, technical support and highly competitive pricing offered by SEFE Energy has enabled us to grow a hugely successful supply business.  We are also very pleased with the market and regulatory reporting we receive which helps us make informed decisions within our business.” 
I&C energy supplier – shipping customer since 2006


✔️ We’re a leading UK business gas supplier, backed by a leading global energy company.

✔️ We’ve spent the last decade helping gas suppliers, whether they’re well-established or brand new to the market.

✔️ Wide range of gas products to suit your customers, strategy, and approach to the market, choose complete flexibility or high-level protection.

✔️ Expert knowledge on regulation, licence obligation and energy company set up.

✔️ Competitive credit structures to support your business growth and reinvestment in your business.

✔️ Easy integration with your IT provider.

✔️ Position reports and daily market information to help you make smart buying decisions.

✔️ Linking you to industry bodies, so you can hit your go live date.

If you handle your own shipping, we can help with trading products, including NBP 93s and GTMAs, through our parent company. SEFE Energy Limited

If you want to explore your shipping options, we’d love to discuss your needs and give you a gas shipping proposal to compare with your current arrangement.