Renewable Gas

Upgrade to renewable gas and work towards your low carbon goals.

Renewable gas isn’t as well known as renewable electricity and it’s sometimes called green gas or biogas. It’s created by breaking down organic material through a clever natural and renewable process called anaerobic digestion. The result is bio-methane, which is just like normal natural gas. You’ll get the same supply, but add renewable gas to the grid.

There’s less green gas right now, so it can cost more than renewable energy or carbon offset. But as more businesses invest in sustainable energy, we hope supply will go up and prices come down.

  • Using organic waste as a source of green gas – bio-methane from farming.
  • Choose where your bio-methane comes from – agriculture, food waste, domestic waste and more.
  • Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGO) prove your gas comes from a renewable source.

What are RGGOs?

RGGOs are Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin. This is a scheme run by the Green Gas Certification Scheme that proves your gas comes from a renewable source. Your gas is tracked through the supply chain, so you can measure and reduce your environmental impact.

You can choose a source of renewable gas in line with your values – from food waste to water treatment. And once you’ve chosen the source, you’ll get Renewable Gas Certificates to show you’re taking action.

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