Flexible purchasing gas contracts

Are you a larger business or organisation that wants complete control over your business gas rates? Designed to put you in charge, our flexible purchasing option could be the answer.

Flexible gas for bigger businesses

If your organisation uses more than 5,000,000 kWh gas a year and uses a dedicated energy manager or procurement team, then our flexible purchasing contracts let you buy energy in chunks. And by taking advantage of changes in the energy market, you can reduce costs and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Here's how our flexible gas can benefit:

  • We give you the flexibility for variable unit rates. The flexibility to buy energy during drops in market price. The flexibility that keeps you in control.

  • Access to our specialist UK-based energy procurement analysts to help you monitor your energy portfolio and market prices.

  • The power to monitor the gas market and use that information to make smarter buying decisions through your own expert account manager.

  • Decide when and how much gas you purchase so you’re in control of costs.

With our flexible gas contracts, we've built strong relationships with a range of the UK’s leading retail brands, public sector organisations and large industrial manufacturers. But don't take our word for it.

How do we switch to SEFE Energy?

When you have a large business to run, we believe business gas should be the least of your worries. By supplying you with simple, creative approaches to flexible gas, we give you the flexibility to focus on running your business your way - while we take care of the little things for you. 

That's why making the switch to SEFE Energy takes just five easy, straightforward steps.

Looking to move over to our flexible gas? No problem. Use our quick quote tool for a free, no-obligation quote or give the SEFE Energy team a call on 0333 443 2569.

Once you’re happy with the quote we've calculated, simply sign our online energy supply agreement and we’ll get to work on the rest.

We don't like keeping our customers waiting, either. Rather than leaving you on hold, leave your details with us here - our friendly team of business energy experts will call you instead.

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For more details on our other business gas options, along with helpful info on moving premises and paying bills, be sure to head to our business gas page.

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