Fixed-rate gas contracts

Looking for a fixed price during your contract? Our fixed-rate option means great value gas contracts at prices that won't rise or fall when the market changes.

Perfect for small to medium-sized business, but suited to just about any organisation, our fixed rate contracts charge a fully-fixed price for your gas supply over a set period. And if you require a longer commitment that won't be affected by external factors, we also offer contracts of up to five years in length - ideal for setting a price you can stick to for the foreseeable.

Shield – our fully-fixed gas option

Shield is our fully-fixed price contract built for stable business gas rates - perfect if you don't want your unit price to go up at any time during your contract. Customers who go with our Shield contract receive the following benefits:

  • Simple contracts with enough flexibility for complex, multi-site business and organisations
  • No nasty surprises! Because of the single fixed price during your contract, your unit price and standing charge stay the same for the duration of your contract
  • Greater business certainty budgeting thanks to long-term contracts ranging from 12 months to five years
  • Accurate bills with free smart or automatic meter readers
  • Smooth, up-to-date management through our online portal

Greener and more affordable, simpler and more reliable, we’re changing business energy by making it easier for you - all backed by the world’s biggest gas company.

Looking to make the switch to Shield gas?

Switching gas providers doesn't have to be difficult and time-consuming. That's why we've done everything we can to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible - switching to SEFE Energy takes just five simple steps.

To get started, get a quote here. Alternatively, get in touch with the SEFE Energy team on 0333 443 2569.

Once you’re happy with our quote, simply sign an online energy supply agreement and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

We don't like to leave you hanging either. Instead of waiting on the phone, leave your details with us here and let our friendly team of business energy experts call you.

For more of our business gas options, along with helpful info on moving premises and paying bills, head to our business gas page.

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