Whether you're a small start-up or a large multinational, our fixed, pass-through, flexible and green gas products help businesses of all sizes to effectively manage their gas supply costs.

Why choose SEFE Energy for gas?

From managing energy costs to making the most of a fluctuating market, if you’re looking for an expert energy partner to help out, then we'd love to talk.

Here's why our customers choose SEFE Energy for their business gas:

  • We’re the supplier that businesses, big and small, trust - 80% of our customers renew
  • With flexible pricing and products, we've got business energy solutions to suit your size
  • From our online portal to specialist account managers, we've made supplying gas and electricity easy and accessible
  • Detailed market reports and insights, exclusive customer events and our proactive expert advice all designed to manage your energy costs
  • An award-winning customer service team based in our Manchester offices
  • Automatic meter readings and accurate, on-time bills for even the most complex of organisations
  • A commitment to helping you go greener with lower carbon energy options

What are my business gas options?

Fixed rate contracts - Shield

Need a business gas contract that gives you protection against increases in third-party charges and market fluctuations? Our Shield fully-fixed gas option is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.

Pass-through contracts - True

Want to protect yourself against price rises in the gas market but still take advantage of potential drops in third-party charges? Our True pass-through option provides protection from risk along with more chances to make great savings.

Flexible purchasing contracts

Are you a larger business looking for complete energy control? Our flexible purchasing options put you in charge, letting you monitor the gas market to make smarter buying decisions. With a number of options to choose from, we’ll help you find the perfect energy product to fit your business' needs.

Greener gas

For businesses that make low carbon energy supply a priority, our greener gas options, including renewable energy carbon offset certificates, help you measure and reduce your environmental impact with no compromise on quality.

How does business gas pricing work?

Gas prices can change quickly, with the weather, supply and demand, and even what's going on in the political world all playing their part in pricing.

That's why many businesses choose fixed-rate tariffs to protect them from rising energy costs and variable rate increases.

Your business gas tariff is made up of two different charges:

First, you pay a unit rate for each unit of gas you use, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), while the second charge is a standing charge, calculated as a daily charge, which covers the transportation of your energy, green levies, metering and other third party costs.

If you choose a fully-fixed contract then the unit rate and standing charge won’t change during your contract.

If you choose a pass-through contract, then your unit rate won’t change during your contract but the standing charge can go up or down.

And remember, for greater peace of mind, we can even set up a business gas contract for you months or even years before you get round to switching your supply.

We’re here to help you manage your energy and make switching simple through our personalised, expert service. 

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