Pass-through electricity contracts

When budget isn't your main concern, a flexible gas option can be a huge help. Whether you're a small enterprise or a large corporation, our pass-through business electricity contracts suit adaptable budgets of all sizes.

And by taking any potential drops in your third-party costs into account, you can make superb long-term savings. We'll pass these reductions onto you through bi-annual rate adjustments, and let you reap the rewards in the process.

True Electricity – Pass-through electricity option

Our pass-through contract for electricity, True suits businesses that can afford to balance risk with reward. Here's what's in store for True customers:

  • A combination of protection and cost-saving potential, True passes the actual cost of third-party charges onto you
  • Lower initial costs than fully-fixed contracts
  • Accurate bills with free smart or automatic meter readers. No estimated bills here!
  • The freedom to select the elements you’d like to fix and those you’d like to pass through
  • Varied contract lengths ranging from 12 to 42 months for further flexibility
  • Free online access to your account so you can keep an eye on your account at all times

Interested in True Electricity for your business?

By making it easier for you, we're changing the way you manage your business energy. Thinking of changing to a simpler and more reliable approach? We'll show you how.

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