Business electricity

Our fixed, pass-through and flexible electricity products can help you manage your business electricity costs and greater, more effective savings.

Why choose SEFE Energy for your business electricity?

Looking for an expert energy partner to help you manage your costs and make the most of the energy market? We'd love to talk, here's why:

  • With 80% of our customers renewing their contracts, we’re the supplier that businesses big and small can trust
  • Backed by a leading global energy company, we’re one of the UK's leading business electricity suppliers
  • With flexible pricing and products, our business energy solutions suit any operation
  • We've made electricity supply easy thanks to our online portal and specialist account managers
  • Market reports and insights, exclusive customer events and our proactive expert advice - all designed to manage your costs
  • An award-winning customer service team based in our Manchester offices
  • Automatic meter reads and accurate, on-time bills for even the most complex organisations

How to switch your electricity to SEFE Energy

Medium to large organisation with one or multiple sites? Use over 100,000 kWh of electricity a year? We’re here to help you manage your energy and make switching simple through our personalised, expert service.

We'd rather not keep you waiting on the phone when we know you've got a business to run, too. Simply leave your details with us here and our friendly team of business energy experts will give you a call instead.

What are my business electricity options?

Fixed-rate contracts - Shield

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, our Shield fully-fixed electricity option is all about peace of mind. A business electricity contract for total price security, you'll have plenty of protection from increases in third-party charges and market fluctuations.   

Pass-through contracts - True

Looking to protect yourself against rising electricity market prices, but still take advantage of drops in third-party charges? Our True pass-through electricity option keeps risk low while giving you more chances to make those all-important savings.

Flexible purchasing contracts

For larger businesses, complete energy control is essential. Our flexible purchasing puts the power in your hands, letting you monitor the electricity and use key insights to make smarter electricity procurement decisions.    

Greener electricity options

If you've been thinking of going green lately, then our lower carbon products and certifications help provide a more sustainable approach to your electricity procurement.

And because SEFE Energy is always reaching for better, we're consistently looking for new innovative ways to bring businesses greener electricity.    

How does business electricity pricing work?

Your business electricity tariff is made up of two different charges.

First, there's a unit rate you pay for each unit of electricity you use, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Then there's a standing charge, paid to your energy supplier on a daily basis, for looking after your supply and managing your account.

How much you pay also varies depending on:

  • Your annual use
  • Your postcode
  • Length of your contract

Whatever you're searching for, we can talk you through the best options for your business. And since you've got your hands full with running a business, there's no need to wait on the phone - just leave your details with us here and we’ll call you instead.

Should you compare business electricity contracts?

Whatever your needs and goals are, comparing business electricity contracts can provide financial benefits for your business. Before you sign anything, find out how with our guide to comparing business energy quotes.

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