Key facts about SEFE Energy

  • We’re part of the SEFE Group, led by SEFE Securing Energy for Europe  (“SEFE”) in Berlin.
  • SEFE Energy is one of two retail subsidiaries within the SEFE Group in Europe, along with WINGAS, which is headquartered in Kassel, Germany.
  • All of the gas and electricity we supply to our customers is bought on the wholesale market through our parent company SM&T Ltd.
  • The gas we buy on the wholesale market comes from a variety of sources and countries including Norway and Qatar.
  • We have over 350 employees across three locations in the UK, France and the Netherlands. 
  • We entered the UK energy retail market in 2006 when our parent company acquired Pennine Natural Gas.
  • Within Europe, SEFE Energy supplies nearly 50,000 non-domestic customers across over 100,000 sites.
  • We supply gas, electricity and low-carbon energy products to industrial, commercial and public sector organisations of all sizes and in all industries.