Supplier Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSoP) for Microbusinesses

The Industrial and Commercial Shippers and Suppliers (ICoSS) group is the trade body representing non-domestic industrial and commercial (I&C) suppliers in the GB energy market. Members collectively supply three-quarters of the gas needs of the non-domestic sector as well as half of the electricity provided by non-domestic independent suppliers.


On 1st January 2016, Ofgem introduced some new obligations on electricity and gas suppliers, known as Supplier Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSoP). This document is written on behalf of the I&C only Shipper & Suppliers trade association (ICoSS) members and outlines what microbusiness customers can expect from their energy supplier in relation to these Standards.

Making of Appointments

These Standards apply if you or your energy supplier arranges an appointment to visit to your premises which requires access to the premises or for which it would be reasonable to expect the customer to be present e.g. visiting site to replace a meter.

Your supplier must offer you an appointment within a specified period of time which is:

  • During the energy suppliers normal working hours
  • A standard 4 hour appointment window for commencing the appointment
  • Not unreasonably withhold appointment windows of not less than 2 hours
  • Within a reasonable time from the request being made

To read the full document and for more information please download here the Supplier Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSoP) document from ICoSS.