Get more accurate bills, track and help reduce your energy use with a free SEFE Energy smart meter.

As part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy to create a smarter, more energy-efficient grid, we’re rolling out smart meters to eligible business customers who are small energy consumers and want to know how much energy they’re using.

What is a smart meter?

 Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters. They measure your energy usage and use a secure, wireless network to send meter readings to your energy supplier each month. Read our frequently asked questions about smart meters.

Why should I get a smart meter installed?

Smart meters offer a range of benefits:

Automated meter readings – no more fumbling around to find meter readings. Your smart meter sends the information every month. Learn more about  

More accurate bills – you can say goodbye to estimated meter readings. All your bills are accurate, calculated using your actual energy usage.

No extra cost – we don’t charge a penny for installation.

How do I get it installed?

We work with a specialist smart meter company called Energy Assets for smart meter installation. If you’d like to have a smart meter installed in your business, click the link below and fill in the form so they can get in touch to arrange a visit to your business. 

Click here to opt-in for a Smart meter

Prefer to opt-out from having a Smart  Meter?  Simply click here fill in this form to let us know.

Can I still switch suppliers if I have a smart meter installed?

Yes, you can switch energy suppliers if we install your smart meter. It’s up to your new supplier how they handle smart meters for business.

Any questions? Email our friendly smart meter experts