Energy market updates and reports

We know energy costs are a significant business overhead. That’s why we want to give you everything you need to take control of your energy costs – from free energy market reports to access to our team of market specialists. We’ll send you easy-to-digest news and updates straight to your inbox.

What energy market updates can I sign up for?

Price update - twice a day

We’ll send you a market price update twice a day (morning and end of day), showing you what’s changing across the UK and Dutch gas and electricity markets, French gas and German electricity markets.

In the update, you’ll find within-day and day-ahead prices, as well as longer-term forecasts, five seasons and three years projections. You’ll have insight into how things are now and how they might track in the future.

Market commentary - daily

Your comprehensive UK and European commodity market report, covering important daily events, the UK gas system, power generation mix, currency and exchange rates, and supply/demand fundamentals including flow rates and LNG. We’ll also share price information across wider fuels, tracking oil and carbon and commodities that drive gas and power prices. And we’ll explain what’s happening in the market and why prices are changing.

SME Business Update - fortnightly

SME Business Update gives you a long-term view of the UK gas market and important updates. You’ll be able to track the price of one to five-year gas contracts and see how the current market compares to previous years. We’ll help you understand if prices are trending up or down and what makes prices change over time.

Dutch ICE Settlement Report - daily

Get an insight into what’s happening in the Dutch Title Transfer Facility (TTF) market. We’ll update you with daily price changes on the front month, quarter and calendar year index and compare this to the day before.

Legal information:

We send you reports with pricing, market information and commentary for general information only. We include indicative prices and we don’t base them on tradable prices and/or volumes. We don’t guarantee the accuracy of the information in our reports and expressly disclaim all expressed or implied warranties. If you receive our Daily Energy Market report don’t rely on this information and verify it before you take any action.

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