Ofgem announces Project Nexus implementation deferred to 2017

06 July 2016

After a consultation with industry participants last month, including Gazprom Energy, Ofgem took the decision that Project Nexus, previously due to launch on 01 October 2016, would have to be re-planned to ensure its successful delivery.

Ofgem said it was “disappointed” with the new situation as it announced the new target date is likely to fall between 01 February – 01 April 2017

Ofgem stated that pursuing the previous Go Live date of 01 October 2016 was too risky for consumers and the re-planning of the implementation will “provide sufficient time to allow for a successful implementation.”

Ofgem has already released a timetable of the upcoming planning activities which begins today. According to the timetable, a revised delivery plan is due to be signed off on 01 August 2016 and an official implementation date for 2017 will be announced.

Full details of the timetable as well as the full announcement released by Ofgem can be found on their website.

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